Also worth to mention is Sugarstarr’s 2014 release with Goh that featured Redman &
Method Man (Wu- Tang Clan) in a different way. The track called „I Used To Be“ sat
well on the No. 1 position on Beatport for six (!) weeks in a row. This newly created
style combined Nu Disco with Rap & Hip Hop elements, and is still played out by many
big names in the DJ-scene.
But – the most appealing aspect of Sugarstarr, who’s now also signed to Spinnin’
Deep, is just how fresh he sounds. Both with his productions and his DJ’ing, which, as
anyone who has seen him behind the decks will know, is as diverse and experimental
as his studio work. As a DJ he has been touring massively for the last 18 years, with
club-gigs and festivals all over the globe. From NYC to Sydney. From Bogota to
Moscow. From Miami back to Europe. The music he plays out can easily be described
as Funky-Tech-Housemusic- With-Vocals-And-Soul, focussed to rock the audiences
with his groovy sets. And that’s exactly what the world needs right now.